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Religion and the media

This web page makes available to teachers high quality resources for teaching on Religion and the Media. This topic occurs in different formats on all the current GCSE Religious Studies syllabi and also as a discrete topic in the AQA Religious Studies A-Level.

These resources aim to equip teachers to critically engage with the topic of religion and the media and to challenge students to think deeply about the issues raised. The resources aim to provide teachers with a breadth of opportunity for discussion and useful starting points for examination practice.

These resources are based on a one-day conference for teachers of RE held at the University of Exeter in November 2014 and have been produced by Karen O’Donnell, in collaboration with David Horrell. The videos of the speakers are made available in the Resources for Teachers section.

This project is funded by the St. Luke’s College Foundation.


Professor David Horrell
Professor Kim Knott
Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou
Dr David Tollerton
Michael Wakelin

Resources for Teachers

Michael Wakelin - Media Engagement with Religion

Kim Knott - Critical Discourse Analysis

David Tollerton - Religion and Film

The Bible and Christian Attitudes to the Media