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Dr Ionut Moise

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2023), at the College of Humanities, my current research area is Comparative Philosophy and Religion. I work on a project on comparative metaphysics pertaining to the category 'differentia' in several philosophical traditions (Hindu, Byzantine, and Latin scholasticism, as well as Islamic and Syriac metaphysics)


Lecturer in Indian Philosophy (University of Exeter) Sept-Dec 2022. Module 2223, 3223. Forthcoming. This module will include a weekly lecture and one seminar based on a selection of 2 texts (one primary, one secondary source) from several philosophical traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism). Weekly topics as follows: 1) What is Indian Philosophy; 2) Sources of Indian Philosophy (Vedas and Upaniṣads); 3) Philosophical Movements (Ajīvika, Cārvāka, Buddhist, Jains, Brahmans) 4) Philosophy of Mind (Buddhism); 5) Pluralism (Jainism, Vaiśeṣika) 6) Dualism (Sāṃkhya) 7) Monism (Vedānta) 8) Theories of Language (Mīmāṃsā); 9) Aesthetics (rasa theory); 10) Modern Indian Philosophy; 11) Liberation (Hindu, Buddhist, and Jaina).  


Lecturer in Religious Studies (University of Exeter) 2020-2022: Delivered Lectures & Seminars (for Year 2 and 3, BA students) on the following themes: Nature of Religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sufism, Syriac Christianity (see module THE2024, 3024) (focus on their historical and theological relation with Christianity.  


Lecturer in Christian Theology (University of Exeter) Dec 2021; March-April 2022: Delivered Lectures & Seminars (for Year 1 BA students) for the Module ‘Introducing Christian Theologies’ on the following themes: Apophatic and Cataphatic Theology, Scripture and Tradition, Revelation, Creation and Salvation, Theodicy, Doctrine and Worship, Eschatology (focus on Christian Theology, patristic and post-modern) essays and exam papers marking, forthcoming.  


Lecturer in Spirituality (University of Exeter) March 2022 for the module ‘Spirituality - Prayer, Meditation and Worship’ (THE2024, 3024). Lectures and Seminars on the following: 1) Asceticism in Jainism, 2) Music and Dance in Sufism, 3) Symbols in Syriac Spirituality. Graded essays and exam papers. 


Lecturer in Reception Theory (University of Exeter) (Oct-Nov 2021) Module THEM 123 ‘Reception of Christian and Jewish Traditions’ Delivered lectures and taught seminars on the reception of the following themes (1) ‘Rivers of Babylon’ in the Rastafari movement, (2) ‘Descent into Hell’ in Albrecht Dürer’s engravings (3) ‘The Divine Image’ in William Blake’s poem of the same. 

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