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About the "Beyond Stewardship" materials

These resources were developed following an AHRC-funded research project ‘Uses of the Bible in Environmental Ethics (2006-2009)’ and aim to inform RE teaching and other teaching or reflection, on issues concerning Christianity and the environment in secondary schools. Environmental issues are currently the subject of much ethical concern, crossing the boundaries of many academic subjects. The materials here deal in particular with the influence of the Bible on Christian attitudes to the environment and have been updated to reflect changes in the syllabus for RE during 2017.

Project team

The project is directed by David Horrell. The original resources were produced with the assistance of Anna Davis, and a group of advisors from the fields of education and theology, along with other researchers from the “Uses of the Bible in Environmental Ethics” team:

Sarah Gotting, Cherryl Hunt, Helen John, Sam Kelly, Conor McDonagh, Dick Powell, Christopher Southgate, and Karen Walshe.

Work on the 2017 updates was undertaken by Cherryl Hunt and Helen John.

The “Beyond Stewardship” project has been kindly supported by the Saint Luke’s College Foundation.