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We have a successful track record in attracting funding for research projects that further debate in Theology and Religion, contribute to interdisciplinary knowledge, and impact significantly on both the academic community and policy and practice in public life.

Featured project

Architecture and Asceticism: Cultural Interaction between Syria and Georgia in Late Antiquity

This ERC-funded project, directed by Professor Emma Loosley, explores the links between Syria and Georgia in the fourth to seventh centuries. Monks of the differing branches of Syrian Christianity are known to have spread their faith as far afield as Ethiopia, southern India and China by the eighth century, so it is not surprising that there are many Georgian stories of “Thirteen Syrian Fathers”. They reportedly came to the country in the sixth century to consolidate the conversion process said to have been begun by St. Nino in the fourth century. However all sources relating to these monks were written several centuries after the purported events occurred and nobody has yet researched the evidence for such a relationship between the two cultures from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.

Architecture and Ascetism project page

Architecture and Ascetism website

Christian Diversity in Late Antique Sirmium (ca 350 – ca 450): A Historical, Literary and Theological Study

Professor Morwenna Ludlow
Hajnalka Tamas

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