Scriptural Reasoning as a Civic Practice in the South West  (Funded by the M.B. Reckitt Trust, 2008-2009)

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a way of Jews, Muslims and Christians meeting together and reading sacred scriptures together. An SR group meets with the intention of reading together the scriptures of each faith in a practice of 'reading-and-reasoning-in-dialogue' with one another. SR involves the three Abrahamic faiths because each of these traditions holds at its center the authoritative words from scripture, with value being placed on these texts as a source of sacred guidance in daily living.

Like many regions of the UK, the South West has established interfaith networks. The Devon Faiths Forum, for instance, meets regularly. SR meetings, however, are opportunity for deep theological sharing, amongst members of the Abrahamic faiths especially, around the holy scriptures.

Supported by the M.B. Reckitt Trust, the Exeter SR group has met at the University, Synagogue and Cathedral. (The Mosque is currently undergoing refurbishment.) Our practice has been in-keeping with the guidelines for SR as developed by Steven Kepnes in David F. Ford and C.C. Pecknold Eds, The Promise of Scriptural Reasoning (Blackwell, 2006). A key aim of SR is to promote interfaith dialogue in a friendly and hospitable environment that will encourage relationships between participants of the three faiths to form. It has thus been appropriate that we pitch 'tents of meeting' in places that form part of our respective communities. We are grateful for the hospitality shown.