Chaplaincy at Mine Sites

As part of my Masters programme I was required to undertake an internship placement linked to the core themes of my course. For the past 7 weeks I have been working under the guidance of Professor Esther Reed on an exciting project that is looking to implement chaplaincy programmes in extractive mine sites around the world. The work allowed me to consider the role of religion in business and industry, and consider its links to major human rights and sustainability benchmarks. With supervision I produced a research paper titled “Chaplaincy in Mine Sites: Human Rights, Human Dignity and Care for Our People” which I then presented at the steering committee meeting of the Mining and Faith Reflections Initiative. The support provided by Esther throughout the programme was excellent, and the placement opened my eyes to future career paths that I had not previously considered. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I hope to work with Esther and the University of Exeter again in the future!

Vicki Collinge - MA in Religion, Conflict and Globalisation, University of Groningen, the Netherlands