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News and events

News and events

Centre events

The Exeter Centre for Ethics and Practical Theology holds occasional workshops and seminars. We welcome visiting speakers, and our own staff and postgraduate students, to present these events.

Forthcoming events will be posted here.

EXCEPT research symposium: 20 June 2019, Amory Building, University of Exeter

EXCEPT staff and PhD students presented on work in progress with a response from EXCEPT’s international visitor, Prof Sarojini Nadar (University of the Western Cape, South Africa). Prof Nadar then delivered a public lecture: “Sacred Sex, Sacred Text: Queering Religious Sexual Scripts in Transforming African Society.”

EXCEPT public lecture: 13 May 2019, Xfi Building, University of Exeter

Dr Caroline Blyth, University of Auckland, New Zealand: “From the Echo Chamber to a Place of Rage: Research as Resistance.” How can we break out of our academic echo chambers and into a ‘place of rage’, where we can declare, with good (and angry) conscience, that our research is a means by which we practice our activism? What can we do in order to envision our role as ‘critic and conscience’, less as an academic exercise than as an act of resistance?

Practice, Activism and Advocacy in Academic Research on Religion, Gender and Sexuality, 9th November 2018

This British Academy-funded conference brought together senior academics, early career scholars, LGBTQI activists and advocates. It included mentoring by senior academics on devising and leading collaborative research projects; a panel with expert activists, advocates and practitioners on collaboration with academic research; speed networking; an early career researchers’ poster competition; a special screening of Seven Graham’s stage show Angels Are Intersex followed by Q&A; and the Twilight People photographic exhibition on gender diversity and faith. Contributors included:

  • Anthea Colledge (OneBodyOneFaith)
  • Holly Greenberry (Intersex UK)
  • Surat-Shaan Knan (Rainbow Jews and GIRES)
  • Magda Rakita (Intersex UK)
  • Sara Gillingham (independent activist)
  • Rosie Martin (independent activist)
  • Valentino Vecchietti (independent activist)
  • Prof Peter Hegarty (University of Surrey)
  • Prof Kate Fisher (University of Exeter)
  • Prof Francesca Stavrakopoulou (University of Exeter)
  • Prof Adrian Thatcher (University of Exeter)

Public screening, Stories of Intersex and Faith, 8th November 2018, Queen’s Building, University of Exeter

This special screening, the UK premiere of the documentary Stories of Intersex and Faith, in which Dr Susannah Cornwall was featured, was followed by a Q&A with its producer/director, Dr Megan DeFranza, and a response from Valentino Vecchietti for the Intersex Day of Remembrance.

Maternal Identities, Practices and Religion symposium, 3rd May 2018, Reed Hall, University of Exeter

This event showcased work from EXCEPT scholars and brought together scholars and students from eight institutions. The core group of scholars, from Exeter, Durham, Chester and Aston Universities contributed to a follow-up event at Ripon College Cuddesdon (Oxford) in March 2019. Contributors:

  • Dr Dawn Llewellyn, University of Chester: “Motherhood, Voluntary Childlessness and Christianity: Narratives of Choice”.
  • Dr Karen O’Donnell, Durham University: “Reflecting on Miscarriage: Towards a Theology of Body/ies”.
  • Dr Sarah-Jane Page, Aston University: “Understanding the Role of Religion in Regulating the Maternal Body”.
  • Revd Dr Eliza Getman, University of the Western Cape / University of Exeter: “Maternal Empowerment” – from “South African Anglican Clergywomen Merging Ministry and Motherhood”.
  • Dr Susannah Cornwall, University of Exeter: “Un/familiar Theology: Constructive Theological Accounts of Natality, Generativity and Non-Biological Reproduction”.

'Ordinary' Christians and the Bible

Old Deanery, Exeter Cathedral
11th February 2016, 10.15am – 4.00pm

This workshop provided an excellent opportunity to hear about and discuss recent research in this area. Topics covered included what ordinary churchgoers actually believe ('ordinary theology', presented by Prof. Jeff Astley, Durham University), how they think about and use their scriptures (Prof. Andrew Village, York St John University), how the course Exploring Christianity was received in parishes of this diocese (Rev Dr Tim Gibson of SWMTC), and how various resources designed for training ordinary Christians might be used to maximum effect (Dr Cherryl Hunt, University of Exeter).

Variant Sex and Gender, Religion and Law Workshop

30th-31st October 2014
Reed Hall, University of Exeter

Convener: Dr Susannah Cornwall, EXCEPT
Keynote speakers:
Prof Stephen Whittle, Manchester Metropolitan University
Prof Jonathan Herring, University of Oxford
Holly Greenberry and Dawn Vago, Intersex UK
Andrew Worthley, City University Law School
Dr Rob Clucas, University of Hull

The inaugural workshop of the Variant Sex and Gender, Religion and Faith research network was funded by the HASS project development fund. It explored the implications of the law on transgender and intersex for faith groups in Britain, and how intersex and transgender activists and advocate are campaigning for increased legal recognition.

Variant Sex and Gender, Religion and Wellbeing Workshop

19th June 2015
Xfi building, University of Exeter

Convener: Dr Susannah Cornwall, EXCEPT
Keynote speakers:
Dr Stephen Kerry, Charles Darwin University
Revd Dr Christina Beardsley, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust
Maxwell Zachs, Queer and Trans Jews UK
Maria Morris, West of England NHS Specialist Gender Identity Clinic

The second workshop of the Variant Sex and Gender, Religion and Faith research network was funded by the HASS project development fund. It explored the implications of religiosity and spirituality for transgender and intersex people's wellbeing.