The Ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (THE2204)

30 credits

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) was a Lutheran pastor and theologian, founder of an underground seminary, spy, courier and politico-ecclesial diplomat. Resistance to the Nazi regime resulted in his imprisonment for one and a half years, and execution by hanging just a few months prior to the end of WWII. Many of his writings – not least those on ethics – have become modern classics.

This module will introduce you to some of Bonhoeffer’s most influential writings. It will be suitable for you if you are eager to read primary texts slowly and carefully, and if you want to understand the links between Bonhoeffer’s theology and ethics.

The module is open to students from cognate disciplines. Previous modules in Theology and Religion are highly desirable although not always essential. Please contact E.D. Reed to discuss.

If possible, please purchase a copy of Clifford J. Green, Michael P. DeJonge, The Bonhoeffer Reader (Fortress Press, 2013). Some of our class sessions will simply comprise reading portions of texts together. The exam will include short portions of text for explication and comment.

NOTE re: weekend conference. Location: Leeds. Provisional dates: Friday evening 26 October – Sunday lunchtime 28 October, 2018. Please note that the details of this conference have not yet been finalised. At the point of writing, the expectation is that we shall join with students from the University of Leeds and Aberdeen University, and the annual SCM and Project Bonhoeffer conferences. Financial support is being sought to help you with travel costs. Provisionally, however, you should expect to need money to cover transport and subsistence costs. Maximum cost for the trip will be £20 per day for food plus bus or train travel to Leeds. Free overnight accommodation available in a church hall (you will need a warm sleeping bag). You are at liberty to find your own accommodation, at your own expense, if you prefer.