Military Ethics in Christian Perspective (THE2023)

30 credits

What ethical approaches are adequate in the face of the changing threat environment? What contribution should theological ethics make to contemporary debate about emerging technologies in weaponry (notably cyber and AI enabled autonomous systems), as hybrid threats are challenging security environments, as neuro-technological approaches to human augmentation are being used to protect and enhance cognitive and physiological performance by military personnel, as outer space is being exploited for defence and security, and more? Does the post-WWII framing of international law with respect to threats to peace via the Charter of the United nations (but also Geneva Conventions and preceded by the Hague Conventions) still hold? Are fault lines opening up in classic, theological framing of the just war tradition? What is required to engage constructively today in peacemaking, characterising 'just peace', addressing the moral and spiritual challenges posed by warfare, armed conflict and the use of violence in a variety of contexts?

Debate extends to every citizen of representative democracies with professional militaries. Students of all faith perspectives and philosophical persuasions are welcome to join