Introduction to the History and Literatures of the Bible (THE1109)

15 credits

This Level One core Theology and Religion module will introduce you to the Bible, in terms of both its history and its various literary genres (narrative, wisdom, apocalyptic, gospel, letter, etc.). We shall also consider the processes by which the collections of Jewish and Christian scriptures came to be made, how the canon of the Bible was fixed, and what was excluded. The first half of the module will focus on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, while the second half will be devoted to the New Testament. Designed for students who have little or no knowledge of the Bible, or of the early histories of Judaism and Christianity, the module is suitable for anyone with an interest in the topic, particularly those working from historical or literary perspectives in disciplines such as History, Classics/Ancient History, Liberal Arts, as well as in Theology and Religion. This module will also be of value to those who know the Bible in a devotional or liturgical context, but lack an understanding of its various historical and literary contexts. This module is also designed to introduce the two major types of assessments that you will encounter at university – essay writing and examinations – and the various strategies that can be adopted when facing them.